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Introducing our Sixth Form

New choices and opportunities

The transition from IGCSEs into the Sixth Form is one of the most enriching journeys in education. Transitioning from a series of compulsory subjects, to a timetable established on the strengths and passions of the individual, allows every pupil to thrive in their specialist areas.

The progression to Sixth Form is an important and exciting step for all pupils as it leads the way to new choices, challenges and opportunities.

A Sixth Form education at BIST is a true pre-university experience, designed to stimulate, challenge and inspire each pupil to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world and be capable of shaping a better world for the future.

On the way to academic success?

At the heart of the transition is the necessity to make the right choice for each young adult.
It is important, therefore, for pupils to consult with their form tutor, teachers, School Principal and their parents or guardians, as they make these choices that may well determine their academic success and future opportunities.

Life within the Sixth Form is about seizing the opportunity to discover new things; to be ambitious; to take risks and be brave; to celebrate success; and to embrace the challenges of the future.

What is Key Stage 5?

At Key Stage 5, our focus is on preparing our pupils for the next step. With this is mind, our Sixth Form programme is diverse and mirrors the skills needed to for a move into Higher Education.

The curriculum is a fully inclusive Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) Curriculum, encompassing 12 options (pupils can choose up to 4) at AS and A-Level.

The best practice worldwide

Between both examination boards, we have total confidence that all the assessments and qualifications we offer are in line with the very best practice worldwide.

Our staff has the expertise to advise and guide our pupils through this complex time. Their knowledge of University requirements is invaluable to ensure that they have the broadest possible choices.

Supported all the way through

We offer well-thought-out and highly personalised support to ensure that Sixth Formers have the best chance of selecting a path that matches their personality, preferences, happiness, as well as their career ambitions. With small class sizes, our A-Level courses allow for an even greater level of individual attention and personalised, supported learning.

Our caring team will be there to inspire, encourage, and advise pupils throughout.

Advanced Level Qualifications

The General Certificate of Education at Advanced Level are subject-based qualifications offered by schools and colleges in the UK and internationally.

Pupils usually take these examinations at the age of 18 in Year 13, in three or four subjects. Grades range from A* to E.

The A-Level standard is widely recognised by prestigious institutions around the world, not just the UK, it is a stepping stone to promising academic and business careers.

Advanced Level programme





Global Perspectives

Business Studies

English Literature






Download the Advanced Level programme

Preparing your child for the next steps

Preparing your child for University

Part of our ethos is instilling ambition and drive in pupils to achieve more and grasp the opportunities that come their way.

To help pupils on their educational journey, we are proud to work with Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearson Edexcel to provide IGCSEs, A-Levels. These internationally recognised examination boards means students can access the world’s best universities.

Preparing your child for career success

Our aim is to create world citizens, confident wherever they go, always open to acquiring new knowledge as positive seekers of experience, ready to meet the challenges of the modern era.

This is attainable through the creation of an appropriately challenging learning journey for each and every child in our school. This learning journey does not however end at BIST, and as such we take our responsibility very seriously in guiding every pupil in making the right decisions for their future.

An insight into Key Stage 5

An insight into Key Stages 4 _ 5 - Sixth Form study room
Science & Biology Lab
An insight into Key Stages 4 & 5 - English classroom
An insight into Key Stages 4 & 5 - Physics Lab
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