The BIST way

Enabling and Enriching through Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Enrichment Activities

The British International School of Tunis is full of engaged, ambitious, and confident young people and we believe that’s because of the balance between work and play.

When children aren’t learning, they’re given the opportunities to explore new skills, hobbies, and interests through a comprehensive enrichment system that spans athletics, puzzles, Computer science, Literature, and Music. Running throughout Primary and Secondary schools, it offers a huge program of extra curricular activities, disciplines and hobbies ranging from archery, chess, and computer coding to book, music, and art clubs.

We count among our students a chess champion, several aspiring athletes, dancers, singers, and musicians whose hobbies instil character, incite creativity, boost skills – and help them discover who they are. Our comprehensive Enrichment Programme ignites students’ interests, introduces them to valuable skills and expertise, increases their confidence, and develops character.

A Foaming Environment

Children gardening - BIST
Children learning music
Children reading - BIST
Children volcano project
Children baking cake
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The best thing about BIST is the pupils themselves. Warm, engaging, polite, confident, and creative – they take care of each other and work hard towards their aspirations. BIST fosters a culture of kindness, open minds, and big hearts. We create the safe, happy, learning environment that empowers young minds to focus, achieve, and create more.


Children playing music - BIST
Children playing theater - BIST
Painting of the Tunisian flag
Children painting - BIST
Child holding a sculpture - bist
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Artistic expression is foundational and integral part of the development of the child. We provide students with educational resources that allow them to develop a positive relationship with creation and with themselves, and strengthen their capacity to create and assume their uniqueness.


Children running - BIST
Children jumping - BIST
Children stretching - BIST
Girl doing handstand
Boy playing Tennis
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Our goal is to inspire and encourage our students to develop competence to excel in a range of physical activities and to have a healthy and active life. We focus on developing their technique and the way they improve their performance in individual sports to attain the best of results.

More about our student community

Beach school

At BIST, we appreciate the value of Outdoor Education. Outdoor space is not just a place where children can run around, but somewhere that offered experiences which contributed to a child’s learning and development. The Primary School is lucky enough to a have a varied and rich coastal environment right on our doorstep.

Visits and trips

School visits are an important part of the learning experience offered at BIST. We will aim to plan a trip out to a place of interest, or arrange for visitors to come to visit the children. These are linked to the topics being covered.

Pupil voice and school council

Pupil Voice is the School Council. The Head boy and Head Girl chair the meeting and a senior member of staff is in attendance. Each class from Year 1 to Year 13 elects a member of their class to be on the School Council. It is the intention that the children bring ideas for events, improvements etc. from their class for discussion at the meeting.

Where appropriate the school will respond and take on board the ideas that the School Council generates.


Assemblies are an important feature of school life. They act as one of the main ways by which we create our positive reflective ethos and promote our values-based education. As a school, we reflect on the previous weeks, share successes, celebrate our students acheivements and encourage our student to speak up and share their ideas e are not yet gathering altogether as a whole school as we normally would due to ongoing COVID protective measures, but we hope to do this as soon as case numbers allow.


All children belong to a House and contribute to the School House Competition. Children can earn valuable House points for kindness, citizenship and good behaviour. Points are counted weekly and added to the overall School Total.


We support a wide variety of charities, mostly local ones in Tunis. A number of themed events are planned throughout the year to support chosen organisations.

Is your child going to primary or secondary?

Primary school

Children ages 3 to 6

Secondary school

Children ages 11 to 18

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