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Welcome to BIST Secondary school

I am excited to be at BIST and to join the other hard-working staff in driving the school forward to greater things. I will be working closely with the staff and other senior leaders to ensure your children receive the very best lessons. I want to see curious, determined learners in the classroom guided by experienced, passionate staff.

Stephen Phipps | Second School Principal

The British system secondary stages

Unlocking your child’s potential

Access to Higher Education

Instilling ambition and drive in pupils to allow them to achieve more and grasp the opportunities that come their way.


Creating opportunities and having choices, allows even young children to learn ways to take control or ownership over their own learning.


Our pupils’ health, safety, and well-being is our number one priority. Pupils develop well in enabling environments where their experiences respond to their individual needs.


Enrichment programmes allow pupils to positively grow their interests and skills to have a more robust understanding of their potential.

Personalised Learning

Offering individual focus and quality education complemented by the strengths of the English National Curriculum.

Empowering your child

We are often reminded that our pupils have unique thoughts and outlooks as they vastly contribute in enriching the content of lessons and conversations. And when we give young people the opportunity to transform these opinions or thoughts into action, we teach them that they can affect change.

Our Secondary Educational Team

Hakim Triki

Business Studies

I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tunis Business School and I worked in the corporate world before becoming a teacher. I enjoy introducing young learners to the fundamental business knowledge and skills. Many of my pupils have business ideas of their own, and I delight in discussing them to help their dreams make business sense!

Jacqueline Wray Johnson


I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, in the parish of St Ann, birthplace of Bob Marley. I migrated to the UK where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Statistics with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Numeracy. My first teaching started when I was about 12 years old. I am always commended for the good rapport I have with learners and how much they have improved and developed using critical and analytical thinking methods. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about helping others in achieving their goals. I am confident that with this unusual breadth of experience, I will be able to motivate and inspire today’s learners while assisting them in achieving even beyond their expectations.

Asif Jehangir


After a Master’s degree from Imperial College London and an undergraduate from UCL, I did my teacher training in Mathematics after some time working in medical physics and clinical research. Since then I have been teaching Maths in the UK curriculum as well as the IB Diploma for 16 years. I have been lucky enough to live and work all over the world including England, Germany and the Swiss Alps, Peru and California as well as at some of the best change making international schools in the world including the world’s first travelling high school.  I am excited to continue my journey in Education at BIST and in Tunis.

Louise Russel

Computer Science

I have been a qualified teacher for 5 years, I enjoy riding horses, hiking, climbing, kayaking and exploring new places. I have 2 masters degrees and a background in graphic design, web design and photography – I have not always been a teacher, but I am happy to say that I will always be a student.

I became a teacher specifically to teach computer science, for me it is more than a subject to be taught and learned, to me it represents the future and it provides opportunities for all of our futures. Computing offers something for everyone, from creatives and artists to scientists and mathematicians; from politicians to philosophers; from entrepreneurs to gamers – this is without doubt the best subject!

Nesrine Gouja

English as a Second Language

I received my Post Graduate Certificate of Education, International (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham. I hold the Fundamental Licence Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilisation from the High Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis. I have also completed the Teaching Knowledge Test with the British Council. This will be my tenth year here at BIST. I love watching my students make progress and I love the international spirit at BIST.

Ines Nahali


I am from Tunisia, received a Fundamental Licence Degree in English language, Culture and Civilisation from the University of Art, Languages and Humanities of Manouba. This will be my 5th year at BIST after 12 years teaching at private Tunisian and French schools. 

For me teaching is the best job in the world as I enjoy observing the students developing academically and socially. Teaching Arabic at a multicultural school is an exciting challenge that I am honoured to accept  daily!

Nadia Yacoubi


I am from Tunisia, received a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Languages and  Human Science of Ibn Charaf. I am certified to teach Arabic as I have a Bachelor Degree in Arabic Literature and Civilisation (Arts). This will be my fifth year at BIST.

Raouda Moumen


 I am from London and I have received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Nice, and my French and Spanish PGCE from Cumbria University.  I am certified to teach KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5. This is my first year at BIST, after three  years at Eglinton primary School and Aylesford school. I have a true passion for teaching languages! For me, helping each child learn a language boosts their confidence, encourages cultural appreciation and makes them better communicators —this is a challenge that I am honoured to accept daily.

Kelly Moe


I have earned my M.A in Art Education with a Minor in International Education and Education Abroad from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I have received my Post Baccalaureate Art Education License at University of Wisconsin. I taught in France, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Italy as well as attending classes and art workshops in Italy, Sweden, India, Peru and Guatemala. 

In my classroom, I strive to create a dynamic and supportive space. I work to create a culturally inclusive curriculum rooted in social justice and global art, in an effort to assist pupils in finding their own voice so that they may tell their story as part of the community of artists in the world.

Martin Boyle

Chemistry and Science

My name is Martin Boyle and I am the Chemistry and Combined Sciences teacher here at BIST. I am from Ireland and have been working as a High School Chemistry and Physics teacher in a private bilingual school in Thailand for the past 10 years. Before teaching, I was employed as a Laboratory Manager in a contract laboratory in the UK. The role included routine analytical testing and method development for the major pharmaceutical companies.
I hold a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Chemistry from Kingston University and a PGCE from the University of Essex. I am currently studying for an Executive MBA with Quantic University and expect to graduate in November 2023.
I have a love for Science and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the pupils at BIST. 

Schahrazed Kaci


I gained in 2002 a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in French from Reading University in England. I consider education the most vital sector in a country which shapes a better society to live in.

Derrelle Goodison

Physical Education

I hold a degree in Physical Education and a PGCE. With an addition of 9 years of experience as a Community Youth Worker and FA Level 2 Licensed Football Coach in the UK. I take pride in my teaching and enjoy seeing my pupils progress in a number of sports, not only building practical knowledge but also good theory in physical education and understanding the human body. My hobbies are taking part in outdoor activities and playing football. I love to experience various cultures, for example, food, traditions, dance and music. I am a very open-minded and resilient person that values progression, because it can create a journey in which you can be proud of.

Emma Ben Moussa


 I am an English Literature graduate with a PGCE, A Diploma in SEN and National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership. I’ve been teaching for a very long time, mostly in secondary schools. I did take a break from education and turned one of my hobbies, cooking, from a small-scale enterprise into a restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but, in the end, I couldn’t stay away from teaching. I play the piano and the violin and have performed in all manner of orchestras and bands. I’ve been involved in the theatre as well and worked in the voluntary sector, mostly in advocacy for refugees and their families. I love my job at BIST – the students are wonderful. I feel lucky to be part of the team.

Aymen Atouani


I have 7 years of experience between teaching in schools and delivering private lessons and graduated from the Al Farabi Conservatory. I have obtained my National Diploma of Engineering from the National School of Engineers of Tunis. I love interacting with pupils and showing them the beauty of music, the field I love most. I strive to give them solid knowledge about music from theory to practice and helping them have access to making music and having a good understanding of its basic theories.

Julian Jesse Humanities
Carolyn Jesse English

Beyond the classroom

All teachers are proud to see their pupils’ faces light up the moment they talk about something they are passionate about.

We are often reminded that our pupils have unique thoughts and outlooks as they vastly contribute in enriching the content of lessons and conversations. And when we give young people the opportunity to transform these opinions or thoughts into action, we teach them that they can affect change.

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