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Our vision of BIST Secondary school

Thomas Garside

Secondary Principal

Welcome to The British International School of Tunis Secondary School.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the British International School of Tunis Secondary School and invite you to take a closer look at our high-achieving students, world-class teachers, and warm international community.


Firmly at the heart of our philosophy is our belief that success rises from our focus on placing individual students at the centre of all we do.
We’re a school where teachers know the children very well, and strong, warm, and trusting relationships form the bedrock of our environment.
We emphasise student happiness, underpinned by the researched principles of positive education, to develop character attributes, strengths and skills that help students grow into resilient, academically prepared, young people.

The BIST Secondary School Philosophy is firmly child centred with strong values placed on putting the child at the heart of their learning. This can be seen in the strong and growing pastoral care system that is in place. The school day allows for a balanced approach to both lessons and recreational time alongside tutor group time where all students take part in tutor led Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lessons held daily with their tutor and peers.

The curriculum is a fully inclusive Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) Curriculum, encompassing 12 subjects at Key Stage 3, 9 IGCSE options (outside of the core offering) at Key stage 4 and up to 12 options (of which students upon entry can choose up to 4) at AS and A-Level in Key Stage 5. Additionally, we are proud to offer a vocational route through our BTEC courses in Business Studies and Computer Science.

This, we believe, makes us a truly inclusive school. Academic and personalised support for our learners is at the heart of our secondary school. Our pastoral care team encompasses our dedicated Pastoral Leader alongside our SEN coordinator who focus on supporting learners with identified needs, these, we believe, truly add to our holistic approach to supporting and developing each and every learner.

The better part of the past two academic years have been challenging for schools, parents, and students. One of the things I’m most proud of about our community has been the ability to enhance the parts of the school we think contribute the most to student happiness and success, even in a virtual environment. Our virtual school experience, like our physical school experience, is flexible, responsive, and rigorous, whilst still nurturing our student’s wellbeing. As a final thought, I’d like you to know that I consider it a real honour to work alongside young people and their parents. I want you to know me, our school, and what we stand for well. To that end, I hope this message forms the beginning of our conversation, and I invite you to reach out to our admissions team not just so that you can learn about us, but so that we can learn about you and welcome you warmly to visit BIST.

The British system secondary stages

Date of birth rangeYear groupYear group
01/09/200931/08/2010Year 7KS 3
01/09/200831/08/2009Year 8
01/09/200731/08/2008Year 9
01/09/200631/08/2007Year 10KS 4
01/09/200531/08/2006Year 11
01/09/200431/08/2005Year 12KS 5Sixth Form
01/09/200331/08/2004Year 13

Unlocking your child’s potential

Access to Higher Education

Instilling ambition and drive in students to allow them to achieve more and grasp the opportunities that come their way.


Creating opportunities and having choices, allows even young children to learn ways to take control or ownership over their own learning. This, in turn, helps them develop a sense of responsibility and self-motivation..


Our students’ health, safety, and well-being is our number one priority. Students develop well in enabling environments where their experiences respond to their individual needs.


Enrichment programs allow students to positively grow their interests and skills to have a more robust understanding of their potential.

Personalized Learning

Offering individual focus and quality education complemented by the strengths of the National Curriculum in England.

Empowering your child

All teachers are proud as they look at their student’s faces light up the moment they talk about something they are passionate about.

We are often reminded that our student have unique thoughts and outlooks as they vastly contribute in enriching the content of lessons and conversations. And when we give young people the opportunity to transform these opinions or thoughts into action, we teach them that they can affect change.

Our Secondary Educational Team

Stephen Phipps

Secondary Vice Principal

  • 26 years of teaching experience having served as an Assistant Head, Deputy Head and Vice Principal in four different secondary schools, most recently in Qatar
  • Studied at Goldsmiths’ College and at The Institute of Education both in London University gaining a BA Hons in Historical Studies and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • MA in Online and Distance Education (ODE)
  • Holds the UK National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

Stephen will be focusing on teaching and learning across the school and will be working closely with the staff and other senior leaders to ensure children receive the very best lessons. Stephen wants to see curious, determined learners in the classroom guided by experienced passionate staff.

Allyson England

Assistant Principal
Designated Safeguarding Lead
English Teacher

  • 22 years of teaching experience both in the UK and UAE
  • Qualified teacher status (QTS) at St Martin’s Lancaster
  • Completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

As Allyson’s passion is working with students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), she values forming relationships, understanding their difficulties and helping them to make progress, no matter how small.

Virginie Javos

Science & Chemistry

  • 14 years experience in teaching Chemistry and Science in Australia, England, China, France and now Tunisia
  • Australian PhD in organic chemistry
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Master of Leading Education and Management from Edith Cowan University in Australia

For Virginie, communication, collaboration, choice, critical thinking and creation are the 5C’s leading students to
becoming successful 21st global citizens.

Sandy El-Dessouky

Biology & Science

  • 7 years experience teaching in International schools and an additional 10 years expericence tutoring in centres
  • 2 years working in a pharmaceutical company and an additional 2 years in a Stem cell bank

What Sandy enjoys most about teaching is the kids themselves, seeing the children being inspired by new teaching methodologies, being able to see that awe in their eyes when they discover and learn Science.

Derrelle Goodison

Physical Education

  • 9 years of experience
  • as a Community Youth Worker in the UK
  • Completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Physical Education with a Qualified teacher status (QTS) from the University of Huddersfield
  • BA (Hons) in Physical Education from the Leeds Beckett University
  • FA Level 2 Licensed Football Coach in the UK

Derrelle values progression because it can create a journey in which one can be proud of.

Phillip Reid

Maths and Physics

  • 28 years experience teaching all around the world
  • Higher Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Melbourne in Australia
  • Has been an Advanced Level Coordinator, Head of Mathematics and Science, Assistant Headmaster and Middle School Coordinator IB MYP) in various schools

Phillip enjoys contact with students and feels proud when they are successful, and internationally enjoys travel and new cultures.

Andrew Munim


28 years experience teaching in London and overseas.

  • Read and received an honours degree in BEng Aeronautical Engineering in Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London
  • Completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Mathematics from the Institute of Education, University of Education

Andrew enjoys talking to his pupils and getting to know them. He believes every person is unique and incredible in their own way!

Emma Ben Moussa


  • English Literature graduate with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Diploma in Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership

Emma loves her job at BIST – she believes that the students are wonderful and feels very lucky to be part of the team!

Katherine Morais


  • Completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the Institute of Education
  • Studied European History at the University of Kent in Canterbury, and completed a year studying at the Université d’Avignon

For Katherine, the best thing about teaching is passing on her passion for History and helping students to connect the past to the world around them today.

Neil Montgomery

Geography and Global Perspectives

  • Degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the Wolverhampton University
  • Degree in Digital TV and Film Production from the University Centre Grimsby
  • Masters in Media and Culture from the Lincoln University
  • Masters in Education from the Edge Hill University, Liverpool
  • PhD in Education from Lincoln University (ongoing)

Neil enjoys teaching students about the World outside of the classroom, places they may never see, places that have changed through time.
Neil uses his life experiences to give real case studies to students, who can make the link between what they might read in a book or see on some other form of media, and the larger World.

Paul Turpin

Computer Science and Data Manager

  • Trained as a Systems Engineering Technician & Cryptographic Specialist at the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems at 11th Signals Regiment, Blandford
  • 12 years experience in the IT and Communications Sector. This included conducting the teaching and training of engineers within a variation of disciplines
  • Previous Managing Director of a telecommunications company in the UK which he co-founded back in 2011

Paul is passionate about helping students obtain and embrace learning about the technology that surrounds us in everyday life, developing an understanding of how things work.

Joshnabet Patel

Business Studies

  • 20 years experience as a qualified teacher of Business Studies and Physical Education
  • BA (Hons) in Business and Leisure studies from Bolton University
  • Completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the Manchester University

Joshna takes great pride in trying to develop student’s knowledgeas it gives her so much joy to help educate them and see their development too.

Sarhane Hichri

Mathematics Tutor
IT Consultant

  • Bachelor Mathematics and Computing applied to Human Science from the University Paris V
  • Master Careers in Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF) from the University of Paris Est UPEM
  • Certified Maths Teacher from the French Ministry of National Education

Sarhane enjoys working with young minds, helping everyone do bigger and better things and making each day different and exciting.

Alison Clifford

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

  • 14 years experience in teaching, including 9 years at a generic special needs school
  • BA (Hons) from the Nottingham Trent University in
  • Post Graduate Certificate Education
  • Birmingham University
  • National Award for SENCO Accreditation (NASEN) at the Birmingham University
  • National Award for Special Educational Needs at the University of Worcester

Alison’s passion has to be forming relationships, understanding her student’s difficulties and helping them to make progress, not matter how small.

Ines Nahali

Arabic Second language and French support assistant

  • 14 years of experience teaching French and Arabic
  • Degree in English Language, Culture and Civilization from the University of Art and Humanities of Manouba

For Ines, teaching is the best job in the world as she gets to help students’ knowledge of different languages expand in a fun and congenial environment.

Sarah Abidi


  • 6 years of teaching experience at BIST
  • Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Human and Social Science of Tunis
  • Completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) at the University of Nottingham

Sarah finds happiness in observing students develop academically and socially. Sarah is deeply convinced that every student is unique and always strives to develop planning and lessons accordingly in a fun way.

Schahrazed Kaci


  • 18 years of experience in providing high quality, and comprehensive course instruction in French language, across broad range of competency level, ages and curriculums in various classroom environments throughout global locations (UK, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, and KSA)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in French from Reading University in England

Schahrazed considers education as being the most vital sector in a country, as it shapes a better society to live in.

Anne-Marie Creaghan


  • 10 year plus experience as Head of Secondary Art and Art Education teacher
  • BA Hons in Fine Art
  • Completed her Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in Art and Design

Her experience of the National Curriculum of England, particularly Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA curriculums for GCSE, IGCSE, A/S Level and A-Level has resulted in excellent work and exam results for students, ensuring the development of driven, highly motivated and committed students.

Aymen Atouani


  • 7 years of experience between teaching in schools and delivering private lessons
  • Graduated from the Al Farabi Conservatory
  • National Diploma of Engineering from the National School of Engineers of Tunis

Aymen loves interacting with his students and showing them the beauty of music, the field that he loves the most. He strives to give them solid knowledge about music from theory to practice and helping them have access to making music and having a good understanding of its basic theories.

Nesrine Gouja

English as a Second Language

  • Fundamental Licence Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilisation form the High Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis
  • Completed the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
  • Completed her Post Graduate Certificate of Education, International at the University of Nottingham, UK

Nesrine has been part of the BIST team since 2013 and loves helping the students understand and make progress. She loves the international spirit!

Beyond the classroom

All teachers are proud as they look at their student’s faces light up the moment they talk about something they are passionate about.

We are often reminded that our student have unique thoughts and outlooks as they vastly contribute in enriching the content of lessons and conversations. And when we give young people the opportunity to transform these opinions or thoughts into action, we teach them that they can affect change.

Is your child going to secondary?

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Children ages 11 to 14

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Children ages 14 to 18

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