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Introducing Key Stages 1 and 2

We would like to wish you a warm welcome to the British International School of Tunis. We are delighted that you have chosen our school for your child’s educational journey. Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential.

At BIST Primary School, we have created a learning environment that is lively, fun and challenging, with a classroom atmosphere that generates a real enthusiasm for learning. Our aim is to build a strong foundation, not just in the academic sense, but also to further the creative and moral development of children.

Growing through learning

Growth is part of life, emotionally, physically, and even academically. Regularly measuring our pupils’ growth and success in the classroom helps our teachers set learning objectives and plan accordingly to fit the needs of every student.

The curriculum of England and Wales

In terms of academics, we follow the English National Curriculum, and are the only school in Tunis to be accredited by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).

This means your children will receive some of the best education Britain can offer. Each class has a dedicated teacher, educated up to the British standard, who teaches the core curriculum of English, Maths and Sciences, along with supplementary classes in Humanities (History and Geography), Sports (Physical Education) and PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education).

Bilingual support

Our work involves ensuring access to the curriculum, raising self-esteem and valuing bilingual children and young people’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

We have Tunisian teaching assistants, all with English degrees, ready to offer additional support to the pupils.

Within the classroom, children are regularly and consistently assessed, to ensure we can offer the best personalised education that suits the pace of the pupils, and to set realistic and attainable goals for everyone, however high or low they may be.

Our Key Stage 1 & 2 Teachers

Simon Mccullough

Year 1 Teacher

Mr Simon is from the Lake District in England, and is a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who has spent two years teaching in Milan. Being a music graduate from the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire studying Trumpet Performance and Pedagogy, it has assisted him in planing and constructing lessons in which music is effectively promoted within childhood education. Mr Simon passionately feels that music allows children from all ages to express themselves without pressure and promotes positive learning outcomes through enjoyment.

Clodagh Mullin

Year 2 Teacher

  • Bachelor of Education from the Liverpool John Moores University, specialising in Sport Development and Inclusion
  • Previously worked with children with special educational needs and behavioral difficulties, coached sports teams and clubs, volunteered at schools and orphanages teaching English

Mrs Clodagh hopes to promote independent learners, who acquire the necessary skills to lead a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.

Rebecca Jackson

Year 3 Teacher

  • 10 years working in education in the UK and abroad
  • Bachelor of Primary Education
  • EAL and TEFL qualifications
  • Working to achieve the national PSHE award.

Mrs Rebecca’s experience of teaching in international schools has shown her how our differences can be celebrated and she believes in making the classroom a nurturing place where children can embrace their mistakes. Mrs Rebecca started her teaching career in an Special Educational needs school, working with children with significant social, emotional and mental health needs.

Monika Prussas

Year 4 Teacher

Establishing genuine relationships and making meaningful connections are the foundations of Mrs Monika’s beliefs about fantastic teaching and learning. Mrs Monika started her teaching career in New Zealand as a teacher, then Principal and recently moved to the United Kingdom, teaching at a SEN specialist school. 25+ years later she still love being an educator.

Raphael Sarker

Year 5 Teacher

  • Bachelor of Education Degree at Froebel College in London, specialising in computer-and-game based learning systems
  • Previously worked with private agencies and NGOs on multimedia projects supporting primary and adult education, as well as health and environmental education projects

Mr Raphael’s favourite thing about teaching is inspiring his pupils to become kinder, smarter and more aware of their responsibilities as stewards of the planet.

David Sullivan

Year 6 Teacher

Mr Sullivan is fascinated by learning and believes we are in an age where more is known about how children learn than ever before. With 2 internationally educated children of his own, he is committed to the values and principles of international education.

Sabrine Bouabene

English as an Additional Language Teacher and Coordinator

  • 8 years of teaching experience
  • CELTA qualified from the International House of Izmir
  • Bachelor of English, Literature and Civilisations from the Higher Institute of Language of Tunis
  • TKT Cambridge Certificate from the British Council in Tunis

Mrs Sabrine is convinced that there is nothing like seeing the spark of understanding on a child’s face as a lesson clicks for them. For her, teaching is the most rewarding career!

Marwa Mejri

Arabic Teacher

  • 7 years of teaching experience
  • Master Degree in Applied Linguistics from the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis
  • TOEFL, TEFL and IELTS Certifications

Mrs Marwa’s ambition is to be a teacher with the ability to inspire pupils so she can be long remembered. She wants to inspire them by ensuring their success and encouraging them to fulfill their potential. Her lifelong professional motto is that a teacher that inspires is a role model, an influence that goes far beyond academic achievement.

Rahma Ksouri

French Teacher

  • 9 years of teaching experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business English
  • IELTS Certificate
  • TEF Certificate

Mrs Rahma has a true passion for working with our youngest learners!! Helping each child progress in all areas of their development —academic, social and language— is a challenge that Mrs Rahma is honored to accept daily. She strives to create a community of learners that brings up this growth in a positive, fun environment.

Emna Zouaoui

French Teaching Assistant

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature
  • TEFL Training
  • TKT Cambridge Certificate
  • Experience working in secondary and international school settings located in Tunis and taught English grammar to beginners at UAPS (Université Arabe Privée des Sciences)

Mrs Emna loves working at BIST because she loves working with the kids and helping them complete and understand their tasks.

Maria Mattiace

Social and Emotional Mental Health (SEMH)

  • 27 years experience as a Behaviour Specialist as well as a Educational Specialist for students with special needs

Graduated in :

  • Special Care Counselling from the Vanier College Dec
  • Independent Studies Field of Education at Concordia University
  • Education Specialist from the Online International School

What Mrs Maria enjoys the most is seeing the positive changes in the pupils. She wants them to feel secure and confident, while making them have a positive outlook. While achieving these goals, she knows she has made a difference in their lives. When the children go home happy, Mrs Maria esteems she has achieved one of her goals.

An insight into Key Stage 1 & 2

An insight into Key Stages 1 _ 2
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Admissions for children ages 6+

The assessment procedure for older pupils joining the school will involve a more formal assessment in addition to the reception of the applicant’s full previous school reports (last two years) prior to the scheduled entry assessment date.

The test that we administer is the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4); a diagnostic assessment that helps our teaching staff to understand the pupil’s current level. Pupils sit a tailored assessment according to the age and the year group that they will be entering. Prior preparation is not required, and the assessment is in multiple choice format, requiring the use of a computer with internet access, and headphones or speakers in order to follow the audio instructions.

To further evaluate the level of each applicant, some additional assessments may be required in the intention of planning accordingly.
The results help teachers decide what pace of learning is right for each student, whether a specific syllabus would be required, and whether additional support is needed.

At the British International school of Tunis, we recognize the importance of finding the right school for your child and offer as well the possibility to conduct our assessments from the confort of your home to able families abroad to conduct all necessary steps to secure their child’s enrolment at BIST.

Admission form

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